Nutella is the Original!

Yes, Nutella has been around forever and is a staple food in every French household! We enjoy  Nutella smothered in our crepes, on our toasts, and even on bananas. We enjoy it like we enjoy peanut butter in the US.  The keyword, bien entendu, of course, is “moderation”. ( Ok, I admit, of course, I love to have a spoonful or two straight from the jar… once in a while! )

Nutella Crepes


Poor Nutella! The subject of so much controversy and getting a bad rap!  And yet, now…. what do we see in every supermarket? Hazelnut spread Nutella imitators springing-up everywhere!!!  so stock up on the original Nutella and get a six-pack deal! 

Not to worry, Nutella, you are here to stay!

You are the original!


French A LA Carte lips circle






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