Nutella is the original!

Yes, Nutella has been around forever and is a staple food in every French household! We enjoy  Nutella smothered in our crepes, on our toasts, and even on bananas. We enjoy it like we enjoy peanut butter in the US .  Keyword, bien entendu, is  “moderation”. ( Ok, I admit, of course  I love to have a spoonful once in a while! )   Poor Nutella! The subject of so much controversy!  And yet, now…. what do we see in every supermarket? Hazelnut spread Nutella imitators springing-up everywhere!!!       Not to worry, Nutella, you are here to stay! … Continue reading Nutella is the original!

Happy Valentines with Chocolate Fondue!

Enjoy this Chocolate Fondue Recipe with Love! Simple Ingredients: Milk or Dark Chocolate Light Cream Vanilla Extract 1. Over low heat, break up the chocolate squares and melt with the cream in a pot. 2. Stir until melted, smooth & warm. 3. When ingredients are well mixed, transfer the mixture into your chocolate fondue set or use straight from the pot  and stir in the vanilla. HINT: If your mixture is too thick, add more cream or liqueur of your choice. If the mixture is too runny, add chocolate. And now you’re ready for the chocolate fun! Go dipping:  fruits, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, Madeleines etc.. and … Continue reading Happy Valentines with Chocolate Fondue!

Faites sauter les crêpes!

Faites sauter les crêpes ! Le 2 février en France on fait sauter les crêpes pour la Chandeleur  ( Candlemas)   pour célébrer le retour des jours ensoleillés ( la crêpe symbole du soleil) ! Aux USA , mis à part le Super Bowl, c’est aussi Groundhog Day! Selon la légende, la marmotte annoncera le début du printemps ! Si le temps est nuageux lorsque la marmotte sortira de sont trou alors le printemps arrivera vite mais si le soleil est au rendez-vous alors la marmotte surprise par son ombre retournera vite se blottir dans son trou et l’hiver suivra son … Continue reading Faites sauter les crêpes!

Gourmet French Foods in LA!

Gourmet French Foods in LA! AAA Food Source! Established in 1990 Located in the Valley, 20 minutes from Los Angeles, AAA Food Source, Inc. sells to restaurants, hotels and retail shops and their well-stocked  warehouse is open to the public!  Come and discover their great selection of European products: “Mustards, Olive oils, Foie Gras, Charcuterie (saucisson sec, rosette de Lyon, coppa, Perigord duck rillettes, pates, jambon de Paris, jambon Serrano), Merguez, Saucisse, Duck Magret, Salmon, Caviar, Cookies (Choco BN, Palmito, Pepito, Savane, Mikado) cakes, Chocolate (Rocher Suchard, Banania, Nutella), Beverages, and much more!” Visit the  AAA FOOD SOURCE website and … Continue reading Gourmet French Foods in LA!

Nutella is coming to Los Angeles! Nutella® Breakfast Tour

Nutella® Breakfast Tour is giving out free samples and reclaiming its good name all over the USA! Nutella® is coming to Los Angeles December 5-8 2012 ! Like many French kids , I grew up on Nutella® and my kids love it too especially oozing in warm homemade crepes or  even by the spoon! Made of natural wholesome ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives : roasted hazelnut, skim milk and cocoa, Nutella® has been around for decades and it really is one of life’s simple pleasures here to stay. All in moderation! Follow the Nutella® craze in all main US cities on Facebook! Nutella® est en … Continue reading Nutella is coming to Los Angeles! Nutella® Breakfast Tour