Childhood French Goodies From LU

Every culture in the world has its own cultural preferences, customs, traditions, celebrations, its own regional food specialties, and goodies. In the U.S people will rave about their childhood Oreo or chocolate chips cookies. In France, we have many regional specialties and goodies which I like to refer to as gourmandises. These little treats are … Continue reading Childhood French Goodies From LU

Le Black Friday Made In France!

Black Friday in the U.S is typically the day after Thanksgiving or Le Black Friday aka Vendredi Fou (Crazy Friday). (This year with the Coronavirus Confinement Lockdown in France), we have compiled some Made in France online shopping ideas to get a head start on your holiday gifts. From Savon de Marseille to LU Chamonix … Continue reading Le Black Friday Made In France!

Walmart Feeds your Inner French Foodie !

French Products Found in USA Supermarkets.It's amazing the number of French products found in American supermarkets all over the USA. Here's a selection found at Wal-Mart Superstore to make your inner Frenchie feel right at home! Some staple French brands are perhaps even more popular in the USA than in France. From traditional French bread, cheeses and wines to escargots, boudin and andouilles en passant par Le Petit Marseillais!

Saucisson Made in USA

Saucisson sec is a favorite charcuterie and a staple classic French dry-cured sausage in French household served with baguette, butter, cornichons and a good glass of red wine.  The French equivalent of dry salami, saucissons are cured pork sausages. A mixture of lean pork and pork fat, salt, sugar, spices, and sometimes alcohol combined to … Continue reading Saucisson Made in USA

Monoi Oil or “Fleur de Tahiti” is Summer in a Bottle!

To me, nothing says Summer like the sweet fragrant Monoi oil of Tahiti or "Huile de tiar " also known simply as "Fleur de Tahiti".  Monoi de Tahiti is a precious and exotic cosmetic oil manufactured in Polynesia following traditional methods. The oil is created by soaking and macerating 10 Tiare flowers from French Polynesia … Continue reading Monoi Oil or “Fleur de Tahiti” is Summer in a Bottle!

Nutella is the Original!

Yes, Nutella has been around forever and is a staple food in every French household! We enjoy  Nutella smothered in our crepes, on our toasts, and even on bananas. We enjoy it like we enjoy peanut butter in the US.  The keyword, bien entendu, of course, is "moderation". ( Ok, I admit, of course, I … Continue reading Nutella is the Original!

Nutella Launches E-Commerce Store: Nutella Boutique!

Nutella Launches  E-commerce store:  Nutella Boutique! For Nutella lovers, there is never enough Nutella to go around! By the spoonful, on toast, and of course in French crêpes filled with bananas for a wonderful festive treat, the delicious hazelnut chocolate spread options are endless! Now, Nutella fans can also order Nutella accessories & apparel online at the Boutique! … Continue reading Nutella Launches E-Commerce Store: Nutella Boutique!

Trader Joe’s French Favorites

Some of my favorite items at my local Trader Joe's with a French twist! ( updated periodically) Trader Joe's has been around forever ( do you remember when it was called Pronto in the 70s? ) it was called Pronto Markets by its creator Joe Coulom in 1958 ( pronto meaning quick convenient store). Well, Trader … Continue reading Trader Joe’s French Favorites