Monoi Oil or “Fleur de Tahiti” is Summer in a Bottle!

To me, nothing says Summer like the sweet fragrant Monoi oil of Tahiti or “Huile de tiar ” also known simply as “Fleur de Tahiti”.  Monoi de Tahiti is a precious and exotic cosmetic oil manufactured in Polynesia following traditional methods. The oil is created by soaking and macerating 10 Tiare flowers from French Polynesia in one liter of refined coconut oil for a minimum of 10 days.


The authentic Monoi de Tahiti Oil carries an “Appellation of Origin” guarantee and is produced under very controlled manufacturing methods to ensure the highest quality oil. Thanks to its moisturizing proprieties, MONOI makes skin softer and naturally protects it from the harmful effects of the sun and the sea salt. It’s also the miracle product Polynesian women use to care for their legendary hair. 100% Monoi oil from Tahiti is available online.

 Yves Rocher USA  has a  Bestselling fragrant line of Monoi de Tahiti in luscious Monoi oil,  dry glitter oil, fragrance spray,  as well as a complete line of body creams, body wash, and hair care. The items selected below have been my favorites for years and are always BESTSELLERS! 

Yves Rocher USA Monoi de Tahiti

Monoi de Tahiti is a sensual fragrant oil and for me, it truly is

 Summer in a bottle all year long!

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