Fondue,Raclette,and Tartiflette!

Fondue, Raclette, and Tartiflette!

It’s time to take out the fondue pot and the Raclette! These dishes are traditional French winter dishes and my kind of comfort food! It’s a good occasion to invite friends &  family over and celebrate the French convivial way!

La Fondue Savoyarde is a fun cheesy dish made melted cheese: Swiss, Emmental, Gruyère or Beaufort with a dash of  Kirsch!  Fondue comes the French verb to melt “fondre“. To start you’ll need a Fondue Pot with picks.   Make sure you rub your fondue pot with the garlic clove to give it a full flavor before you slowly melt your cheese cubes little by little. You’ll need equal parts of 3 variety of swiss cheeses: Emmental, Gruyere, and some other swiss cheese such as Comté as well as  French bread  cut in cubes and a nice white wine

Screen shot 2019-11-13 at 3.24.27 PM

(You can also make Fondue Bourguignone which is meat/fish/chicken/veggies bites dipped in hot oil  or wine and dipped in a variety of different sauces)


My next favorite dish is La Raclette from Switzerland and France.  French Raclette is raw cow’s milk cheese with an uncooked pressed pâte. The original raclette is best directly served from the wheel of cheese that melts and drips from the Raclette grill melter onto your potatoes, ham, deli meats or viande des Grisons, etc…  but you can also use the cute little Raclette set for 8 guests,  raclette sets .Raclette comes from the French verb “racler” which means to scrape. Each guest gets his own little pan to create their own dish by combining ingredients and raclette cheese!

Raclette 3

Raclette set

Click here for  Raclette Set 


Tartiflette from Haute Savoie is a quick rich casserole gratin dish made with your left-over potatoes, lardons (bacon) and Reblochon cheese which is a lot more pungent than the other cheeses and smelly too. (Check out our post on over 300 types of French Cheeses)


With all these cheese dishes, use a chilled light dry white wine.

Enjoy and Bon Appétit!

Raclette Sets and Fondue Items selected

just for you!

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