Vive Les Crêpes! Variety of Crêpes for LA Chandeleur

Every year on February 2nd, the French celebrate La Chandeleur (aka La Fête de la Lumière or Le Jour des Crêpes) with a good batch of homemade crêpes made in a variety of ways. Vive les crêpes! So get ready to toss and flip your crêpes! “Faîtes sauter vos crêpes” and discover your favorite filling with endless possibilities either sweet or savory. They are perfect for a family crêpe party where everyone can prepare their own crêpe the way they like.

Here is a basic crêpe recipe to get started, all you need is flour, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Crêpes were born in Brittany or la Bretagne and originally the Crêpe au Sarrasin made with Buckwheat flour was a delicious savory crêpe often made with ham, and a sunny-side-up egg sprinkled with herbs and Parmesan cheese.

Les crêpes roulées à la confiture

Crêpes are delicious au naturel because they are already quite fragrant with the fleur d’oranger or lemon zest and buttery, so just add a spoonful of sugar, fold or roll, and enjoy your crêpe au sucre. Try a dollop of jam in your favorite flavor fraise, myrtille, framboise, and you’ll have a sweet crêpe à la confiture. Prefer chocolate? Just add Nutella and bananas for crêpe au nutella.The queen of crêpe is called Crêpe Suzette which is a crêpe heated and smothered in butter, sugar, and orange zest flambé in Grand Marnier liquor.

Crêpe Suzette

Crêpes are delicious as a dessert but also make a delightful lunch or dinner and the recipes are endless here are a few ideas that I love crêpe au fromage, crêpe au jambon, crêpe au poulet et aux champignons à la crème ou à la Béchamel, crêpe au crabe… Miam, miam! The possibilities are endless.

Crêpe au jambon fromage

A nice crêpe pan is a good affordable investment because your pan should not be too heavy to make it easier to flip your crêpes like a pro and it’s also a good fun choice to use a non-stick electric crêpe machine maker.

Crêpe au Sarrasin

And finally, a very important question how do you prefer to eat your crêpe? Do you prefer to roll or fold your crêpe?

We love crêpes and you can find more finger-licking posts on the blog and a few selections below:

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