Let Them Eat Crêpes!

Sweet or savory, crêpes are always a favorite treat or quick meal in any French household. There's nothing easier than making crépes. You will need: 2 cups Flour 4 eggs pinch of salt 1.4 cup melted butter 2 cups  of milk 2 tbs sugar Making crêpes is all in the wrist or the tour de main. … Continue reading Let Them Eat Crêpes!

Crêpes Sans Frontières!

Crêpes Sans Frontières is a very special and unique crêperie in Los Angeles located in the Historic Downtown Spring Arcade Building.    They specialize in 100% Organic Buckwheat crêpes (galettes) where a French culinary creation becomes a crêpe you will never forget!  From savory to sweet combinations ... the culinary creativity and possibilities are truly … Continue reading Crêpes Sans Frontières!

Faites sauter les crêpes!

Faites sauter les crêpes! Le 2 février en France on fait sauter les crêpes pour la Chandeleur  ( Candlemas)   pour célébrer le retour des jours ensoleillés ( la crêpe symbole du soleil) ! Aux USA , mis à part le Super Bowl, c'est aussi Groundhog Day! Selon la légende, la marmotte annoncera le début du … Continue reading Faites sauter les crêpes!