Crêpes Sans Frontières!

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Crêpes Sans Frontières is a very special and unique crêperie in Los Angeles located in the Historic Downtown Spring Arcade Building.    They specialize in 100% Organic Buckwheat crêpes (galettes) where a French culinary creation becomes a crêpe you will never forget!  From savory to sweet combinations … the  culinary creativity  and possibilities are truly endless.


 Galettes are healthy gluten-free organic buckwheat that is really  not wheat…  It is a fruit seed related to rhubarb. It is very healthy and gluten free.  It is low in calories and known to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

Crepe cocktail

The galettes are one or the oldest traditions of humanity. In Brittany, they were cooked on flat stones called “jalet” from which the name “galette” originated. Buckwheat was brought to Western Europe by the crusaders. The Bretons adopted it immediately. This grain had the particularity to grow very quickly and to adapt to infertile soils. More importantly, since this flour was not proper for baking bread, the king of France did not tax it. The galettes became, for centuries, the basic meal of the Bretons.

Crepes Sans Frontieres

Take a look at their  menus  (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner , Deserts & Specialties) and  enjoy your visit at the crêperie in Downtown’s Spring Arcade Building.  They also do catering, serving movie studios, corporate and private events all over Los Angeles.

Crêpes Sans Frontières is always a hit and was recently seen and enjoyed at the Movie Premiere Go With Le Flo! and COLCOA the French Film Festival Week  among other events and will soon delight guests at the upcoming Christine Lewicki ‘s Book Launch Party for WAKE-UP!

Crepes Sans Frontieres Owner, Ruth Hudin and Guylaine S Gamble
Crepes Sans Frontieres Owner, Ruth Hudin and Guylaine S Gamble at Go With le Flo Premiere Event

Contact  Crêpes Sans Frontières for more information about the creperie  and for your next catering.


Crêpes Sans Frontières


Downtown’s Spring Arcade Building

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