Let Them Eat Crêpes!

Sweet or savory, crêpes are always a favorite treat or quick meal in any French household. There’s nothing easier than making crépes. You will need:

2 cups Flour

4 eggs

pinch of salt

1.4 cup melted butter

2 cups  of milk

2 tbs sugar

Making crêpes is all in the wrist or the tour de main.  The first part is to make a well in the bowl with the flour combined with salt and slowly add the milk and eggs and melted butter. Your batter must be light and silky and not like a pancake mix. To flavor your batter you can add some vanilla extract, some orange blossom. Let the batter rest a bit.


The second part is in the pan. Make sure it is well heated, hot and well greased with butter or a bit of oil.  You can also invest in an electric crêpe machine but you won’t be able to flip your crêpes!

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 9.16.35 AM

Let each crêpe cook a little minute on each side until the borders are golden and hop, toss and flip your crêpe in the air like a pro!



The best crêpes are homemade, so be creative! make em sweet with sugar, jam, and of course Nutella!  or make em savory with ham & cheese, shrimps, mushrooms, chicken, etc… (Check out our Crêpe Recipes)

crepes-strawberry-bananacrepes-fruitsVanilla-Crepes-with-Nutella-3_2crepe-confiturecrepes-2Nutella Crepesrecette-e17089-crepes-et-confiture-de-fruits-rougesNutella CrepesNUTELLANutella's World Largest Jar!


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