Tarte aux pommes

French apple pie has nothing to do with its American patriotic cousin from the Vermont state.  In France we call apple pie: “Tarte aux pommes” and it is more of a tart than a pie. The difference is that a pie usually has another layer covering the filling, while tarts leave it open. It is a classic, every French family has its own grandma recipe and there are many variations: Tarte aux Pommes, Tarte Tatin, Tarte  Normande, etc… To vary you can also make a different tart crust like pâte brisée, pâte feuilletée, pâte sablée, etc…

Tarts are a popular staple in French households both sweet and savory from Tarte aux oignons, Tarte aux champignons to Tarte au citron. There are hundreds of variations of tart recipes with vegetables, cheeses, meats and of course fruits!

Today we’ll enjoy a simple Tarte aux Pommes courtesy of this YouTube video ( one of my favorite and easiest recipe )

6 apples

100 g butter

80 g brown sugar

Choose your favorite “pâte ” or pie crust recipe


A vos tartes!



French A LA Carte lips circle






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