Celebrate La Fête de la Chandeleur Today – AKA Crêpe Day

In France, February 2nd is La Fête de la Chandeleur. This holiday is a Christian tradition known as Candlemas in English (which comes from the word candle or chandelle in French). La Chandeleur is actually the 40th day of the Epiphany season when baby Jesus was presented to the Temple.

Today to celebrate this French tradition people make crêpes and the holiday became known as Le jour des Crêpes or National Crêpe Day! The crêpe is round and represents the coming of warmer days and light with the sun and is supposed to be made with first wheat harvest. This French holiday could also represent the American Ground Hog Day.

The origin of the crêpe though comes from La Bretagne- Brittany You can find out more on the blog on the history of La Chandeleur in French as well as a Crêpe Recipe in English.

So today be French and have crêpes for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner! The traditional way of serving crêpes is with simple sugar and a chilled apple cider. There are many sweet variations and fillings like jam, Nutella, bananas topped with Chantilly whipped cream, strawberries, or raspberries etc… Crêpes also make lovely savory dishes – my favorite is the classic ham and cheese or the chicken with mushroom champignon sauce. Today is a great day to have a crêpe party!

Happy Crêpe Day! Faîtes sauter les crêpes pour la Chandeleur!

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