French Inspired Father’s Day Gifts

In French we say Bonnes Fête des Pères for Happy Father’s Day! The informal way to say father is dad or papa so you can say Bonne Fête Papa! In France and in the United States it is celebrated the third Sunday in June. For the occasion I have selected a few inspired French items that would make a great dad’s gift. I also think dads just like moms like to receive flowers and what better way to add a festive touch than to display a bold colorful bouquet in a BBQ pit for the occasion. You be in charge of the BBQ cooking that day and give him a break!

On the French inspired luxury tip, all dads like to smell good so why not indulge him with a French Eau de Toilette, or some French Bourbon & Vanilla Men Soap, along with a pair of La Plage Moccasin slippers, and a Silk Pj set. For the wine connoisseur a French door wine cooler system. For the chef a set of Laguiole Chef Knives. For the nostalgic dad go with a Vintage Phonograph Nostalgic Gramophone record player along with a couple French standard LPs or vinyls like Piaf. How about a few biographies like Brel? Does dad enjoy chocolate, go with some liquor-filled miniatures or decadent Valrhona chocolate Gift Box.

Your dad will thank you and feel oh! la! la! so very very French or simply just like a French papa on this special day! For more French inspired gift ideas visit La Boutique or the posts below.

Thank you for your visit and à bientôt!

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