Bonne et Filou French Macarons Dog Treats

Care for a treat? Have a macaron! Non, non, non not you! These handmade French macarons are the newest luxurious craze for dogs! Yes, these macarons are good enough for you to eat but they have been specially created for your toutou! They are called Bonne Et Filou Pet Macarons so you can treat your dog or toutou like Royalty. Inspired by the lavish lifestyle of King Louis XIV at Versailles and his love for his favorite pups, Bonne and Filou, were living the good life. Bonne hunted by day and Filou lounged until night; they slept in satin sheets and strutted down the Hall of Mirrors in diamond collars, and most extravagant of all – they had their own personal chef. Mais oui! Ah! the French and their toutous!

Picture Courtesy Bonne et Filou

This new and exciting luxurious dog treat brand produces delicious natural French-inspired dog treats or macarons for your furry friends. These out of the ordinary dog treats are made with three premium ingredients: oat, flour, and coconut oil. The filling for the treats is an all-natural yogurt with a choice of three amazing flavors like Strawberry, Lavender, and Mint. Made with human grade ingredients, dogs are sure to go wild for these luxurious treats! Whether they are for a birthday or an everyday treat, these macarons are sure to be hit! Pourquoi pas!

At Bonne et Filou Pet Macarons , the owners “celebrate all things French! The French macaron inspires our French dog treats, and they look exactly like one a person might eat.”

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