French Gift Ideas for Mom

Bonjour! I hope you enjoy this little compilation of French-inspired gifts to celebrate your Maman! There’s something for every Mom and I will be adding more lovely and original ideas! Pinterest Twitter Facebook Instagram © Copyright French A L.A Carte Blog French Culture & Lifestyle in the US As an Amazon affiliate, French A L.A Carte Blog earns a small fee when you purchase anything … Continue reading French Gift Ideas for Mom

A Collection of French Gifts Ideas

Here is a Collection of French Gift Ideas that I enjoyed putting together hoping it will inspire you for the holidays but also at any time throughout the year for that special occasion, birthday celebration, anniversary, or just because! I think you’ll find that there’s something for everyone and for every budget. You’ll find classic luxurious items as well as original Made in France selections. … Continue reading A Collection of French Gifts Ideas

Childhood French Goodies From LU

Every culture in the world has its own cultural preferences, customs, traditions, celebrations, its own regional food specialties, and goodies. In the U.S people will rave about their childhood Oreo or chocolate chips cookies. In France, we have many regional specialties and goodies which I like to refer to as gourmandises. These little treats are packed with childhood memories and I suspect that most French … Continue reading Childhood French Goodies From LU

French Men’s Fragrances by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher ‘s Men’s Fragrances are made in France with all natural ingredients, there’s a fragrance for every man on your list and a wonderful gift for Father’s Day or special occasion. From Aromatic and masculine freshness to sensual woods, these fragrance creations are top of the line signed originals. Here are some of my favorites and best sellers for your consideration. Yves Rocher is … Continue reading French Men’s Fragrances by Yves Rocher

3 Essential French Baking Products

Nowadays you can find almost anything on the internet and especially on Amazon. As I was preparing the Mothers’ Day Gift Selection post and the Father’s Day post coming out shortly, it dawned on me that I, as a French native, also look for that nostalgic French product I used to use and love and can never find in the store. Ready to bake a … Continue reading 3 Essential French Baking Products

Bonne Fête des Mères or Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day or La Fête des Mères in France is celebrated the last Sunday of May or on May 30th unless it falls on Pentecost Day and in that case it will be moved to the first Sunday in June. Mother’s Day is a day to honor all mothers and maternal bonds, including non biological mothers, originally this day was created by Napoléon Bonaparte to … Continue reading Bonne Fête des Mères or Happy Mother’s Day

French-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

For Mother’s Day or La Fête des Mères I have compiled a delightful original selection of French-inspired gifts or petits cadeaux, personally, I really do think it’s the thought that counts and prefer thoughtful little tokens of affection (unless it’s an exceptional work of art like a Lalique Vase or sculpture, of course 🙂 to wish Mom “Bonne Fête Maman!” Lalique Crystal Bacchantes Vase French … Continue reading French-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

Lily of the Valley – Muguet des Bois Intoxicating Fragrance

May 1st in France is called La Fête du Muguet and every year rain or shine, we celebrate le 1er Mai with some Muguet des Bois or Lily of the Valley. It’s a wonderful day that rhymes with happiness, hope, renewal, and good fortune. It is still very popular in weddings ever since Princess Grace of Monaco chose this flower for her bridal bouquet and … Continue reading Lily of the Valley – Muguet des Bois Intoxicating Fragrance

Les Petits Macarons

There are early accounts of the creation of a Macaron almond cookie, which could have been the inspiration for the Macaron we enjoy today. Traditionally it is believed that it was introduced in France by the Queen Catherine de Medici’s Italian chef during the Renaissance. It wasn’t until the early 1930′s that the “Macaron” took on a Parisian flair as it is known today when … Continue reading Les Petits Macarons

Ladurée’s Digital e-Commerce Revolution

“We are a 150-year-old brand and want to evolve and be a part of the change.”  says Ladurée. With the current global pandemic Ladurée has had to adapt and temporarily close  its stores, according to local rules and have even started a Ladurée Relief Fund for US employees. Ladurée  has 8 locations across the United States, in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami, New York, and over … Continue reading Ladurée’s Digital e-Commerce Revolution