Les Petits Macarons

There are early accounts of the creation of a Macaron almond cookie, which could have been the inspiration for the Macaron we enjoy today. Traditionally it is believed that it was introduced in France by the Queen Catherine de Medici’s Italian chef during the Renaissance.

It wasn’t until the early 1930′s that the “Macaron” took on a Parisian flair as it is known today when an enterprising young baker called Pierre Desfontaines, a relative of Louis-Ernest Ladurée the founder of the legendary Ladurée Maison bakeshop and tea salon founded in 1862, thought of putting together two macarons into one delicious bite.

What exactly is a Macaron (not macaroons the coconut cousin) ? Well, it’s basically an almond-flavored meringue made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, and food coloring preferably natural coloring with a sweet almond ganache cream filling in between.

Ever since then, the Ladurée Macaron preparation has stayed the same. Each season Ladurée celebrates this little round cookie that’s crispy outside and soft inside, a perfect balance of aromas and textures, by creating new flavors that are eagerly awaited by all. Each year the palette of flavors and colors grow, from the classic chocolate or raspberry to more festive and exotic flavors for certain destinations, fashion designers, perfumes etc. “The Ladurée macaron is often called “the supermodel of the food industry”… chic, timeless, and beautiful.”

A visit or pilgrimage to Ladurée is incontournable ( you can also order online ) but there are other fine bakers to discover too, such as Pierre Hermé awarded the World Best Pastry Chef in 2016 who has also created quite a cult following with his extravagant creations.

There’s also a book called Ladurée Macarons Secrets which reveals for the first time, each of the eighty Ladurée macarons, their aromas, inspirations, trend books and of course all of the recipes to make them at home. At the end of the book there is a practical, step-by-step section to show exactly how Ladurée’s chefs make the cookies and the ganache fillings so you can be sure to succeed in making them too.

These delightful gluten-free treats make popular and exquisite gifts for many occasions, there is an impressive variety and excellent quality of French Macarons gift boxes from different makers and even some items from Ladurée made in Paris for the ultimate macaron fan such as the Ladurée Macarons Eiffel Tower Keychain!

Macarons are so popular and beloved that they have their own Macaron National Day in France on March 20th!

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