Ladurée’s Digital e-Commerce Revolution

“We are a 150-year-old brand and want to evolve and be a part of the change.”  says Ladurée.

With the current global pandemic Ladurée has had to adapt and temporarily close  its stores, according to local rules and have even started a Ladurée Relief Fund for US employees. Ladurée  has 8 locations across the United States, in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami, New York, and over 100 stores worldwide. 
 Ladurée is revolutionizing and refocusing their business with digital e-commerce making all their gourmet goods available online and shipped nationwide and worldwide. Most locations also offer a “to-go” menu with curbside pick up or delivery and  it has even launched the first Ladurée plant based or vegan macarons and goods at the Beverly Hills, California location with Chef Matthew Kenney.

In the mid 19th century, the “Macaron” took on  a Parisian flair as it is known today when an enterprising young baker, Pierre Desfontaines, an employee of the legendary Ladurée Maison in Paris, bakeshop and tea salon founded in 1862, thought of creating two Macarons with a sweet almond ganache cream filling sandwiched in between.

Just like fashion designers,  Ladurée has imagined new collections and desserts such as the Rose Religieuse, the Rose- Raspberry Saint-Honoré, the Liquorice Millefeuille and the Blackcurrant-Violet Macaron.

This year for the 2021 Epiphany Galette des Rois or King’s Cake, Ladurée presents its Signature Gourmet Galette:  crispy golden puff pastry, French-sourced almond and hazelnut cream filling with white chocolate shavings. Topped with a chocolate and caramelized hazelnut tuile.


You can still enjoy Ladurée and order online on to be shipped anywhere in North America.

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