The Ultimate French-Inspired Gift Guide

Bonjour my Francophile readers, I had fun selecting some French-inspired gift items for you. Some are humorous and totally cliché (although truthfully I really wouldn’t mind an authentic Laulhere Heritage Bérêt in my favorite color Fushia 🙂 some truly celebrate the Made in France artisans, others are more practically French, and still some are just deliciously luxuriously French.

You’ll find ideas for your Francophile French-loving friends, your dinner party hostess, your co-worker, your sweetheart or chéri(e), your newborn baby, niece, nephew or grandchild, your favorite Chef, etc… I hope you’ll like them and feel free to browse through.

 The Ultimate French-Inspired Gift Guide


This is a fun stereotype selection of French-Inspired Cliché Gifts for the true Francophile (Some items are hilarious and I wouldn’t mind having them too 🙂


This selection of items is specifically French-Inspired Cliché Gifts   items to promote French savoir-faire and sustain our French Heritage and economy. Most are old traditional French Houses or Maisons that represent the best of France’s artisanship. (more to come on that!)

A selection of 10 Classic French Perfumes for  men and women. French fragrances for your chéri(e) ❤ from the best French Maison de Parfums  in Grasse, France

Some truly French-inspired French Gifts for Bébé baby gifts for the little ones (it’s never too early to have French flair and style:)


So put on your apron and pour yourself a nice glass of wine and let’s get cooking! Your inner French Chef is ready with these  5 Items to Bring Out Your Inner French Chef

…and the list goes on, I think there’s something for everyone all year long and I enjoyed creating these French-inspired gift suggestions items for you.

Merci les amis and happy gift-giving 🙂


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