French Gifts for Bébé

French Gifts for Bébé

This has got to be my ultimate favorite selection! Every baby deserves to experience a bond with Sophie and to smell so yummyliciously Frenchly good (how would you say that in French? 🙂 I could go on and on about Mustela Product Line which has been thriving for over 60 years. (more to come on this brand) In France, I don’t think we host Baby Showers but these products make awesome baby gifts anytime in a pretty basket with other baby items for example!


If you grew up in France like I did, you’ll most likely remember having chewed and relieved your aching growing teeth on Sophie, La Girafe– The Giraffe’s neck. ( well, you may remember Sophie anyway if you don’t remember teething) Sophie La Girafe is a 100% rubber teether made by the French toy manufacturer Vulli since 1961!



I have a confession to make, I used Mustela with its sweet newborn baby smell made with sweet almond oil on my own face while I was taking care of my two little babies who grew up on this! The Mustela Newborn Kit is a good starter kit in a pretty baby gift basket for example 🙂 Mustela is deliciously addictive.


Mustela Bath Care  (bath oil, cleanser & cream) is so gentle and pure comes in 3 different skincare:  Normal, Dry, Sensitive, and Eczema Prone Skin and formulated with plant-based ingredients and Avocado Perseose, a patented natural ingredient and Ceramides infused with Cold Cream to deeply nourish and maintain healthy and comfortable skin. 

The Mustela Product Line is absolutely deliciously made and all the products deserve their own spotlight! This French brand has grown so much it now offers specially formulated products to help baby congestion, rashes, etc… Mustela skincare products are natural, hypoallergenic, gentle, and are safe for baby’s delicate skin. Go and explore!

Musti Eau de Soin, Mustela’s iconic fragrance, is composed of 92% plant-based ingredients, including Chamomile and Honey extracts to soothe and soften the skin. This water-based formula is hypoallergenic and safe to use from birth on. (spray-on baby clothes and bedding and older kids  will love it too:)


Petit Bateau is another French brand that is absolutely delightful made with 100% cotton for bébé’s comfort and style since 1920, but whose origins date back to 1893, in Troyes. Integrated into the Rocher Group since 1988, Petit Bateau is a children’s brand that became trans-generational in the 2000s thanks to the launch of the adult collection.

There are so many wonderful Authentic French Brands pour le bébé, more to come!

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