Starlette Cake™: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat!

In 1985, Parisian TV host (France 2) Michèle La Porta invented a way to eat without guilt and frustration. She created Starlette Cake™a delicious cake with no sugar, no butter, no flour, no eggs and no fat at all!  Could it be one of the secrets why French women don’t get fat!


Michèle La Porta - Starlette Cake

Since then, all Paris has been addicted to Starlette Cake™! From famous artists, models, actresses and even journalists to regular people who rave about it and finally enjoy eating desserts without  guilty side effects after pleasure.


Since its creation Starlette Cake™ has been featured in many publications including regular monthly features on the French ELLE Magazine.

Michele’s  “Thé Cool” Parisian restaurant where Starlette Cake™ was born is a real success story!  Michèle La Porta went on to become the head of her own daily cooking show specializing  in light cuisine of course, on France 2 one of France’s leading TV Channel  !


Now L.A based , Michèle La Porta is ready to share her  successful knowledge with the American public with the launching of  Starlette Cake™ at  the famous star of   Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Lisa Vanderpump’s  “SUR” Restaurant & Lounge  located at  612 North Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069  for the very first tasting event on Friday January 11th, 2013!”

The Starlette Cake
More to come on Michèle La Porta creator of  Starlette Cake™  in a later post!
I had the great yummy pleasure to meet her and taste the cake and all I can say is : “Get ready for a delightful rich mouthful of velvety pleasure… yes, guilt-free!!!”

This is what Sweet Dreams are made of   (French A L.A Carte )

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