La photo des trois soutiens gorge bleu blanc rouge!

La photographie de trois soutiens-gorge, captée par le correspondant de Reuters à Marseille  Jean-Paul Pélissier a connu un succès mondial sur les réseaux sociaux. Ces sous-vêtements étaient suspendus le vendredi 27 novembre à l’occasion de l’hommage national rendus aux victimes des attentats de Paris survenus le 13 novembre, alors que François Hollande avait demandé aux Français de « pavoiser leur fenêtre » partout dans le … Continue reading La photo des trois soutiens gorge bleu blanc rouge!

Photo du jour /Picture of the Day

A man holds a giant pencil as he takes part in a solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) in the streets of Paris on January 11. French citizens were joined by dozens of foreign leaders, among them Arab and Muslim representatives, in a march on Sunday in an unprecedented tribute to this week’s victims following the shootings by gunmen at the offices of the satirical weekly newspaper … Continue reading Photo du jour /Picture of the Day

Notre Belle Marianne 2013!

Marianne is a national emblem of France and an allegory of Liberty and Reason as well as one of the most prominent beloved symbols of the French Republic. Marianne holds a place of honor in France in town halls and law courts and symbolizes the “Triumph of the Republic”.  Her bronze sculpture overlooks the Place de la Nation in Paris and her profile stands out on the official seal of the country, engraved on French Euro coins and appears on French postage stamps; it was also … Continue reading Notre Belle Marianne 2013!

Starlette Cake™: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat!

In 1985, Parisian TV host (France 2)Michèle La Porta invented a way to eat without guilt and frustration. She created Starlette Cake™, a delicious cake with no sugar, no butter, no flour, no eggs and no fat at all!  Could it be one of the secrets why French women don’t get fat! Since then, all Paris has been addicted to Starlette Cake™! From famous artists, models, actresses and even journalists to … Continue reading Starlette Cake™: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat!

The French Easter Bunny is…a Hen!

The French tradition of the Easter Bells dates back from the 7th Century when the Church forbid the ringing of bells from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday to grieve Christ’s death and celebrate the Resurrection. Children eagerly awaited the return of the bells who flew in the sky with big wings adorned with multicolored ribbons delivering chocolate eggs symbol of life and renewal!  Happy Easter! … Continue reading The French Easter Bunny is…a Hen!