“Je suis fou du chocolat Lanvin!” Dali

In 1968 in France, there was a tv commercial for the LANVIN®   chocolates starring Salvador Dali and his infamous mustaches saying: “Je suis fou du chocolat Lanvin! I’m crazy about Lanvin Chocolate”. I am also crazy about this chocolate especially the Lanvin “Escargot! I remember receiving a huge box of Escargots as a gift from my childhood Bestie Christine and devouring these big scrumptious “snail-shaped” chocolates stuffed with a creamy praline center.

LANVIN®  was originally a chocolate factory founded in 1921 called “Sucrerie Bourguignonne”. L’Escargot LANVIN was created by Etienne Lanvin in 1934 in Bourgogne and comes in milk, dark, and white chocolate. This treat comes out during the Christmas season or Noël dressed and wrapped in festive gold foil. Bite into the thin layer of chocolate and savor the smooth ultra-creamy rich almond and hazelnut praline filling. The chocolate factory is still located in Dijon now owned by Nestlé under the name of “Chocolaterie de Bourgogne”.

Today you can still find Les Escargots Lanvin all over France or order them online in the US. Enjoy!

Je suis fou du chocolat Lanvin! Dali

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