Salon du Chocolat aka Chocolate Week™ is Back!

In France chocolate is a big thing, we know it's an aphrodisiac and a delicious sensual indulgence but it's also an art form, it's a passion, and it's not only for eating! Since its creation in 1994, every year there is a show called "Salon du Chocolat" celebrating and dedicated to C H O C … Continue reading Salon du Chocolat aka Chocolate Week™ is Back!

“Je suis fou du chocolat Lanvin!” Dali

In 1968 in France, there was a tv commercial for the LANVIN®   chocolates starring Salvador Dali and his infamous mustaches saying: "Je suis fou du chocolat Lanvin! I'm crazy about Lanvin Chocolate". I am also crazy about this chocolate especially the Lanvin "Escargot! I remember receiving a huge box of Escargots as a gift from … Continue reading “Je suis fou du chocolat Lanvin!” Dali

Les Papillotes de Noël

Do you know the story of the French foil-wrapped Christmas chocolate called Les Papillotes de Noël ? These delicious treats got their names from Mr. Papillot. It all started in 1790 in Lyon , France with the chocolate maker Monsieur Papillot, his niece, and his apprentice. When Mr. Papillot's apprentice fell in love with his niece, … Continue reading Les Papillotes de Noël