Salon du Chocolat aka Chocolate Week™ is Back!

In France chocolate is a big thing, we know it’s an aphrodisiac and a delicious sensual indulgence but it’s also an art form, it’s a passion, and it’s not only for eating! Since its creation in 1994, every year there is a show called “Salon du Chocolat” celebrating and dedicated to C H O C O L A T E in all its forms. From scrumptious bite-size chocolate candies, gigantic life-size chocolate sculptures to whimsical fashions all made in chocolate!

The internationally renowned event connects cocoa producers, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, artisans, fashion designers, and thousands of individuals who are passionate about chocolate from around the world. The world’s most famous event devoted to chocolate and cocoa made its comeback this year after a two-year pandemic hiatus. The 26th edition of Salon du Chocolat was just held in Paris from October 28 to November 1, 2021, at the Porte de Versailles with live interactive demos and workshops, chocolate sculptors, prestigious international competitions, and a spectacular chocolate fashion show!

Photo courtesy 2015 ELLE Magazine

This chocolate extravaganza is also held throughout the world in 17 countries and 4 continents bringing together millions of people or chocolate lovers. In the United States, Salon du Chocolat is also called “Chocolate Week ™” held in New York City at Pier 36, 299 South St, NYC. Visit the event website for the latest details & ticket info here!

Croquons la vie à pleine dent, comme le chocolat! – Guylaine S Gamble
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