Top 3 Raclette Table Grills

It’s that time of year again, no matter what is going on cold weather season calls for Raclette! The French are crazy about their Raclette which is a semi-hard cheese usually fashioned into a wheel of about 6 kg (13 lb). Made of Alpine raw cow milk it is most commonly used for melting, but can also be consumed in thin slices on your cheese tray. You can find Raclette cheese as a seasonal items in your favorite US stores such as Trader Joe’s or Costco or even order it right here! Of course , Raclette is also known as a Swiss dish and very popular in Savoie (France). Raclette comes the French “racler” which means to scrape off the melted cheese.

It’s a good time time to have a raclette party at home!

Here is our selection of our top 3 raclette grill . We chose these items specifically to grill right on your table for a maximum of 8 guests, they are lightweight, safe, and highly ranked from top brands.

Selection #1 – Raclette set by Top Chef comes with a bonus Fondue Pot.

We like this set because of it’s oval convivial shape for your 8 guests with a Fondue pot bonus and cool touch handle bars.

  • Serves 8-persons with 8 small pans spatulas
  • Use with Fondue pot or marble slab
  • Temperature control for different kinds of foods and functions
  • Cool touch thermo-insulated handle pan
  • Even heat distribution, no flames, no flare-up

Selection #2 Swissmar Matterhorn 8 Person Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Top

This set is made of cast aluminum and is also oval shape with a faux wood base and 8 non-stick triangular shaped raclette dishes with finger guard.

  • New matterhorn raclette meets all your entertaining needs.
  • Oval design with unique water transfer faux wood base. 1450 watts, 120V, 60Hz
  • Great for cooking breakfast, lunch and/or dinner
  • Variable temperature control; power-on indicator light.
  • Comes with 8 non-stick triangular shaped raclette dishes with finger guard for added safety. 8 heat-resistant spatulas.

Selection #3 – Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Plate

This raclette set also serves 8 guests and the rectangular shape is a bit larger to grill on top.

  • Interchangeable with granite grill stone or cast iron grill plate – sold separately
  • Variable heat control
  • Reversible grill/ top – non-stick coating for crêpes
  • Base is enameled steel
  • Comes with 8 Heat-resistant Spatulas; 8 non-stick raclette dishes and a user manual with recipes
  • Non-stick Raclette dishes have handles that stay cool to the touch
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