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La Maison Rigaud founded in Paris in 1842 is one of the oldest perfumeries in the world. All of their products are manufactured in France or Made in France. Rigaud home fragrances are timeless, for example, the Cyprès candle – the first one created by Rigaud in 1960 – remains an international luxurious timeless and mythical benchmark in the world of scented candles today.

Cyprès or Cypres is a part of Rigaud’s Aromatic Fragrance Family which is reminiscent of the Mediterranean forests. Did you know that it was introduced to the White House by Jacqueline Kennedy in 1960? This is a blend of lavender, woody, crisp notes of pine needles, and the aroma of cedar wood. This fragrance is deceivingly mild-not at all overwhelming-but a lovely, elegant, fresh scent suitable for any room or occasion.

Other delightful scents and fragrances include: Cyprès, Vésuve, Bois Précieux, Gardénia, Reine de la Nuit, Cythère, Jardin d’Orient, Jasmin, Lilas, Rose, Tournesol, Lavande, Péché Mignon and Gourmandise. These natural fragrance essences were developed by renowned “noses” or “nez” in Grasse, the capital of perfume in the south of France. Each candle scent, just like a great perfume, is a true composition, with its top notes, middle notes or “heart,” and base notes .

Rigaud Paris, Cypres (Cypress) Home Diffuser with Reed Sticks -Diffuseur d’ambiance

  • Brand new from Rigaud Paris, this 250 ml diffuser comes in a classic black and white (noir et blanc) octagonal glass bottle with matching black and white reed sticks. Classic black and white outer Rigaud gift box.
  • The Rigaud Paris fragrance diffuser is ideal for instantly creating a scented and very long lasting pleasant fragrant atmosphere in the house.
  • Companion room candles in all sizes available in same cypres fragrance / scent.

Rigaud Cypres Bougie D’ambiance Parfumée

  • This standard size candle has a burn time of 60 hours and is accompanied by a silver snuffer.
  • Rigaud scented candles are presented in a thick glass container, decorated with a hand-tied embossed satin ribbon, and a silver-metal snuffer cap.

Rigaud White Gardenia Fragrance Candle

  • Rigaud Gardenia Candle is the finest, white gardenia scent in the world. Let Rigaud introduce you to charm and voluptuousness, evoking a floral bouquet blending the scents of white flowers with the green fresh notes of Provence rose. A timeless enveloping sweetness expresses itself in the midst of the contemporary lifestyle.
  • Top notes: essence of galbanum. Middle notes: gardenia – Provence rose. Base notes: cedar – musk
  • Presented in a transparent glass container with a burn time of 90 hours.

Rigaud candles provide strong and consistent diffusion of the scent with an exceptionally long burning time – from 20 to over 100 hours (!) depending on the size of the candle. Rigaud wax and scents are formulated to sublimate the senses with a high concentration – between 10 and 12% – higher than in an eau de toilette. Each candle is hand-poured and inspected to insure a premium quality product. Rigaud candles burn evenly, without leaving any deposit on the glass and they do not tunnel, unlike hard wax candles.

Rigaud Paris candles, diffusers and room sprays are considered by many to be the finest, most elegant, and highest quality candles and room fragrances made in the world today.

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