More Free Virtual Cultural Tours

As the world continues to be confined with #stayathome orders, culture, arts, and music graciously come to us. There are more and more FREE Virtual Cultural Tours offered all over the world from the comfort of our couch and computer. Some virtual visits have particularly caught our eyes such as taking a stroll down Monet’s Garden in Giverny, an up-close insider tour of the Chateau de Versailles, listening to an opera at the Philharmonie de Paris, applauding the Comédie Francaise actors or delighting in a fantastic Cirque du Soleil adventure.

Monet Giverny

Monet Waterlilies


And to take it a step further have you tried Virtual Reality?  VR is a technology now available to consumers with a range of devices providing a 360-degree simulation experience using VR Headsets. 



Enjoy your virtual travels, exploring, and learning and most of all stay safe!

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