FROGS! First certified ORGANIC French Bakery in the US!

There’s a new bakery in town! It’s called FROGS!  by Chef Jean-Luc Labat, the first certified ORGANIC French Bakery in Greater Los Angeles! So now you can eat delicious French baked goods from a 5-star pastry chef from the Fouquets on the Champs Elysées in Paris right here in Los Angeles and not feel too guilty about it…cause it’s all organic and good for you!

Chef Jean-Luc Labat FROGS

Check out the beautiful hearty 100% Certified organic selection of organic bread, pastries, and savory Quiche!

FROGS baguette

FROGS also makes organic “Fronut”, (not to be confused with Cronut) the croissant-doughnut hybrid now available in four flavors online among their other organic goodies! They do look darn good!

Fronut : Frog bakery

 I am a traditional  French-American girl and my favorites are still almond croissants

FROGS almond croissant

or a good tarte aux pommes!

FROGS tarte aux pommes




French A LA Carte lips circle






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