Cronut™ from Beauvais, France to New York, London, and Los Angeles

Cronut™ from Beauvais to New York and when in LA!?

Yes, I admit it, I resisted posting about Cronut™  Because to me a donut is a donut and a croissant is a croissant but then, I found out that the creator and inventor of the Cronut™ Dominique Ansel is originally from my hometown in Beauvais, France a little city North of Paris.  And that made me feel very happy and a bit proud too. Bravo Chef for your pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit!  I promise I will taste one.

Photo: Buck Ennis

What is a Cronut™ you may ask? Well quite simply it is a hybrid between a donut and a croissant. It’s basically half a croissant mixed with half a donut, and voilà ” The Cronut!™”. ( Beware of imitations 🙂 It took the chef more than 2 months to perfect his viral creation and more than 10 recipes.

Dominique Ansel ‘s Cronut™ created in 2013 from Beauvais, France  to New York, London, and Los Angeles USA. Check out also Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, NY  and his latest cookbook in the works!


For All Things Dominique Ansel  including  his newest creations, cookbooks, locations and online ordering check out his website.

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