Boule et Bill – Billy & Buddy Opens in Los Angeles November 8th!

Boule et Bill opens Friday, November 8th in New York and Los Angeles! 
French family comedy Boule et Bill  (U.S. title: Billy & Buddy)  based on Jean Roba’s beloved comic strip released in France in February 2013. The film opens in Los Angeles on Friday, November 8th.  (in French with English subtitles).
It is a rare family treat!  Filmmakers Alexandre Charlot and Franck Magnier mined Roba’s best-selling comic strip, as well as their own personal memories of childhood in 1970’s France, to create a sincere, imaginative comedy entire family can enjoy!
 Billy & Buddy recounts the misadventures of 8-year-old Billy (Boule) and his cocker spaniel, Buddy (Bill). With a sparkling imaginative style and a lively soundtrack, the film brings to life a family’s humorous trials and tribulations in the 1970’s France.

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