Hello World! Bonjour !

Flashback April 29, 2011 – Hello World!  Bonjour Tout le Monde! Today I am officially a “blogger” or une “blogueuse”  Today is a BIG day!  C‘est un grand  jour ! for many reasons, after many, many months of pondering what the heck I would be writing about in a blog, it dawned on me that it’s is a wonderful vehicle for a bilingual blog to celebrate and share bits & pieces of  he French culture in & around Los Angeles as a French native transplanted in the USA since 1974! ( I’ll write in English and /or in French ) 

French A L.A Carte was founded and created by Guylaine Simone Gamble who coined the name “French A L.A Carte”  in the early 90’s inspired by a previous business venture called French A L.A Carte for kids of all ages while teaching French.

So, here goes, French A L.A Carte !  (www.frenchalacarteblog.com) a blog with a French twist featuring people, places, and events in Los Angeles or simply French à L.A Carte!

Fast forward  September 13, 2019 – Oui, oui ! French A L.A Carte is still here! Today I have traveled from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas. I’ve really enjoyed meeting interesting people, discovering new places and promoting events in my hometown in Los Angeles, California.

As of now, French A L.A Carte  will feature French Culture & Lifestyle and French Brands in the USA. I took a hiatus from posting for a while and I am revisiting this blog as I still very much enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my French Culture or as we say Art de Vivre and it helps me to cultivate more Joie de Vivre in my own life. (especially that I am also officially French-American after so many years.)

Today the name and the blog have become quite popular and the blog French A L.A Carte travels in the United States From Los Angeles to Dallas and places in between, the French culture is alive and well in the United States. I look forward to discovering French Culture in Dallas, Texas and across the USA and hope you’ll enjoy your visit!

A Bientôt! 

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