Kaas Chante Piaf on September 14 at the Pantages Theater!

Kaas Chante Piaf is the brand new project created by Patricia Kaas. 21 mythic tracks by the great Piaf arranged by Abel Korzienowski the new Hollywood film score music wonder boy since his Golden Globe nomination for A single Man produced par Tom Ford, ( Abel also composed W.E’s music produced by Madonna). This performance celebrates the 50th year anniversary of Piaf’s death and will preview on the biggest stages of the world: London Royal Albert Hall, NY Carnegie Hall , Olympia de Paris, Operett Theater in Moscow, Sejeon Cultural Center in Seoul and in three major US cities San … Continue reading Kaas Chante Piaf on September 14 at the Pantages Theater!

In Good Company… French Media in LA!

French A L.A Carte is  an independent online magazine featuring VIP – Very Inspired People, Places & Professionals with a French Twist in Los Angeles! We feature VIP who are inspiring , movers & shakers out of pure pleasure. We do not charge for advertising or for featuring you on the magazine and on our social network. We do however offer partnership opportunities – nonprofit and otherwise –  and we also have advertising spots for your company, brand and or events. We are happy  and proud to be associated with other French medias in Los Angeles contributing to the rich … Continue reading In Good Company… French Media in LA!

Michèle La Porta, Creator of Starlette Cake™

In the series, these Frenchies in L.A… Meet Michèle La Porta, creator of “Starlette Cake™” In 1985, when Michèle opened her very first tea salon “Thé Cool” in the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris, little did she know that twenty-seven years later she would still be serving the very same cake she created back then! “Starlette Cake™” was born when Michèle was herself looking for ways to eat healthy  for pleasure and without guilt.   We met recently in Beverly Hills on a beautiful California morning with the sun peeking and a mild breeze passing through the Palm trees. Michèle graciously welcomed … Continue reading Michèle La Porta, Creator of Starlette Cake™

L.A Restaurant Week with a French Twist!

LOS ANGELES RESTAURANT WEEK! From January 21st to  February 1st take advantage of special offers sponsored by DINE LA! at these selected LA restaurants with prix-fixe menus starting at $15 !  We’ve included a selection of participating French restaurants! Bagatelle LA $45.00 French West Hollywood Live Book Now Bouchon Beverly Hills $25.00 $45.00 French Beverly Hills Live Book Now Cafe Bizou – Pasadena $15.00 $25.00 French Pasadena Live Book Now Cafe Bizou – Sherman Oaks $15.00 $25.00 French Sherman Oaks Live Book Now Cafe Bizou / Bizou Grill $15.00 $25.00 French Santa Monica Live Book Now Cheval Bistro $45.00 French Pasadena Live … Continue reading L.A Restaurant Week with a French Twist!

Starlette Cake™: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat!

In 1985, Parisian TV host (France 2) Michèle La Porta invented a way to eat without guilt and frustration. She created Starlette Cake™, a delicious cake with no sugar, no butter, no flour, no eggs and no fat at all!  Could it be one of the secrets why French women don’t get fat!   Since then, all Paris has been addicted to Starlette Cake™! From famous artists, models, actresses and even journalists to regular people who rave about it and finally enjoy eating desserts without  guilty side effects after pleasure.   Since its creation Starlette Cake™ has been featured in many publications including regular monthly features on the French … Continue reading Starlette Cake™: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat!

My Dinner with Food Critic Sophie Gayot

My Dinner with Food Critic Sophie Gayot World-renowned food critic Sophie Gayot is one Very Inspired Person with a French Twist in LA!  You can read more about our interview in between bites on “Sophie Gayot and the Good Life!” We met  recently at a new trendy restaurant:  Bow & Truss Restaurant  a Latin American restaurant in the NOHO District recently voted one of Gayot’s 2012  Top 10 LA New & Notable Restaurants! As Sophie’s guest, I was honored to join in the tasting of all the dishes to my great delight (I am such a “gourmande”) Here is  an … Continue reading My Dinner with Food Critic Sophie Gayot

The Omar Sy Phenomena: The Intouchables!!!

  The Omar Sy Phenomena : The Intouchables !!! Omar Sy is officially France’s most popular personality and darling and I will venture to say France’s own Eddie Murphy or Chris Tucker!  It was high time for French movie makers to bring us actors of this comedic and human caliber through the heart warming true comedy “Les Intouchables!” about a quadriplegic, white Parisian millionaire who hires a black Senegalese troublemaker as his attendant. Omar Sy tells The Wrap “It feels “fantastic” to be the first to break the race barrier for French cinema accolades, but “hopefully there will be a time when that denomination … Continue reading The Omar Sy Phenomena: The Intouchables!!!

Los Angeles Aime -M- !!!

Los Angeles aime – M – !!!  Exclusive Premiere @ El Rey Theater! OOH LA LA French Music Festival was underway last week bringing to L.A a myriad of artists and musical genres with a great line -up of French & Francophone talent. On October 12, 2012 Los Angeles welcomed French superstar simply known as  -M-  from his birth name Matthieu Chedid. The pseudonym comes from Chedid’s first name  initial but also refers to the similar sounding French word “aime”, meaning “love”. From 2000 to the present ‑M- won almost consecutively the French Victoires de la musique awards as well as  “Male artist of the … Continue reading Los Angeles Aime -M- !!!

Top French Bakeries in Los Angeles

Top 10+ French Bakeries in L.A! French Bakeries or les bonnes Patisseries (for pastries)  et Boulangeries ( for bread)  are spread-out throughout Los Angeles and vicinity and these are my top favorites French Bakeries ( in ABC order…) based on my personal experience and genuine simple goodness & authenticity! My favorite French Bakeries in Los Angeles and environs: Amandine Cafe Avignon French Bakery Champagne Bakery  Champs Elysées Chaumont Bakery Emil’s Pastry Frogs Organic Bakery La Galette Le Pain Quotidien Maison Richard Normandie Bakery Paris Pastry Pitchoun  Bakery  Continue reading Top French Bakeries in Los Angeles

En Mémoire de Robert Breidenstein

En l’honneur et mémoire de Robert Breidenstein, le consul général de France à Los Angeles organisa une cérémonie à la Résidence de France le 15 septembre 2011 pour les membres de la famille de Robert Breidenstein, son épouse Madame Fanny Breidenstein accompagnée et entourée de sa fille Nadine Stallings, de ses petits-enfants Tony & Becky Stallings et de leur fils Carson, des membres de la communauté française et amis; Monsieur Claude Girault Représentant de l’ADFE, Le Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Johnson,USAF ainsi qu’une assemblée d’amis et intimes.                                                      … Continue reading En Mémoire de Robert Breidenstein

Ben L’Oncle Soul…Just a SoulMan!

Ben L’Oncle Soul inaugurait  à la Fête de La  Musique au Make Music Pasadena sur le Luckman World Music  Stage, sa tournée des USA! Il nous laissa à tous présents un vif souvenir ponctué de R&B Soul et beaucoup de beaume au coeur! Sa voix c’est du miel qui coule et qui vient droit  du coeur ou “typique de Motown, avec un vibrato à la Stevie Wonder”, accompagné sur  scène de ses choristes, danseurs et de son redoutable orchestre il fait tout naturellement vibrer et bouger la foule! Il  a le don de communiquer de la joie, de l’amour et une célébration à lavie … Continue reading Ben L’Oncle Soul…Just a SoulMan!