Sommailier French Wine Club

It’s like having your very own French Sommelier making the best French wine selection and shipping them to you right at your doorstep! Welcome to SomMailier French Wine Club founded by Laurent Yung from Bordeaux, France. Laurent comes from five generations of winemakers, and his passion for wine developed at an early age.

Today, Laurent works with his brother Patrick in Paris, France who owns a wine distribution company to source the unique wine club wines. Laurent explains that “Every wine that we import are very representative to their respective region. France has very unique rules around wine making and the diversity of wines is immense. There are about 27,000 distinct wineries and our mission is to give our members a glimpse of some of the best boutique wines we can find over there.

Laurent Yung at Sommailier

“One major goal of SomMailier is to spread the family tradition of French wines across the USA. Along with our family, we’ve also established deep connections with some of the finest small-batch wineries across France, they are all part of this adventure. Not only do we offer you unique French wines, but the chance for you, your family, and friends to join us in this adventure, for this unique human experiment.” says Laurent.

SomMailier is a French wine club offering exclusive and affordable artisan French wines. The concept is very simple. Members can select between 3 or 6 wines every 3 months (red, white, or mix) which are delivered directly to their house. Each shipment comes with wine cards to accompany each wine’s region and history as well as great food pairing ideas. Of course, the wines are also available as gift selections.

SomMailier is the importer, the distributor, and the retailer. No middleman. This is the most authentic wine club you can find in the US to discover unbelievable artisan boutique French wines. With SomMailier, you will discover unique French wines (and their stories) that are not sold anywhere else in the US. And all this, in the comfort of your home! Gift yourself or give as a gift. Join the club!


SomMailier will deliver to you or on your behalf 3 or 6 exclusive bottles of French wine to your friends or family for them to enjoy and think of you every time they open a bottle!


Cheers! Santé!

“La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin.”





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