Sweet Childhood Memories: Candies of France

Did you know? French confectionery is full of regional specialties. Every region of France has its own “bonbon”.  Ahh, sweet and beautiful France! It is an art to make old-fashioned candies with artisanal methods.

Calissons d’AIx en Provence

Candies of our childhood, the real candies of France with natural flavors ( that we could safely give our children as most have no chemical additives) I greedily remember my own childhood candy-filled memories such as Carambars, Malabar, Berlingots, Licorice, Bêtises de Cambrai, Nougat, etc…

According to the established “House of Confectionery” since 1885, there are over 600 candy and other sweets specialties in France. Fruit of a savoir-faire or know-how that our French confectioners have cultivated for centuries, the regional confectionery is prepared with local products following an original recipe born from a story and/or legend and often time invented quite by accident.

Les Berlingots de Nantes


Discover regional confectionery and their ingredients: nougat, candied chestnuts, candied fruits, licorice, fruit paste, honey drops, sugar cane, almonds, violets, praline, salted butter, caramel, mint, toffee, apple sugar, etc…

Each region of France has its own well-known confectionery specialty, for example, Les Bêtises de Cambrai, La Pastille du Mineur, Les Caramels de Normandie, Les Bergamottes de Nancy, l’Anis de Flaviny, Les Pastilles de Vichy, Les Pâtes de Fruits d’Auvergne, Le Nougat de Montélimar, Les Berlingots de Nantes, Les Tourons du Pays-Basque, Les Violettes de Toulouse, Les Nougats de Provence, La Régisse d’Uzès, Les Calissons d’Aix en Provence, 

Nougat de Montelimar
Le Nougat de Montélimar


An imprint of the history of France, confectionery is a note of sweetness where memories and flavors mingle with the pleasure of savoring.

Les Berlingots de Nantes

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