Sweet Childhood Memories: Candies of France

Did you know? French confectionery is full of regional specialties. Every region of France has its own specialty, candy or  "bonbon".  Ahh, sweet and beautiful France! It is an art to make old-fashioned candies with artisanal methods. Candies of our childhood, the real candies of France with natural flavors ( that we could safely give our … Continue reading Sweet Childhood Memories: Candies of France

Les bonbons de France!!!

  Les bonbons de notre enfance,  les vrais bonbons de France aux parfums naturels (que l'on ne craint pas de donner à nos propres enfants - la plupart sans couleurs chimiques ni additifs!) Je me souviens en me lêchant les babines: les carambars, malabars, berlingots, réglisse, Bêtises de Cambrai, bonbons à la violettes, nougat,  les … Continue reading Les bonbons de France!!!