Kaas Chante Piaf

Kaas Chante Piaf is the brand new project created by Patricia Kaas. 21 mythic tracks by the great Piaf arranged by Abel Korzienowski the new Hollywood film score music wonder boy since his Golden Globe nomination for A Single Man produced par Tom Ford, ( Abel also composed W.E’s music produced by Madonna).

This performance celebrates the 50th year anniversary of Piaf’s death and will preview on the biggest stages of the world: London Royal Albert Hall, NY Carnegie Hall, Olympia de Paris, Operetta Theater in Moscow, Sejeon Cultural Center in Seoul and in three major US cities San Franciso, New York and  Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater!

This unique show promises to be contemporary and urban with a revolutionary light show.

Never seen pictures and footage of Piaf will be the highlight of this extraordinary event.

Kaas Chante Piaf is sure to be the major musical event of 2012-2013.





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