LILA Then… and Now!

Lycée International de Los Angeles (LILA) was established in 1978 by visionaries of varied cultural backgrounds who felt that the Los Angeles community needed a school that would prepare children for life in an increasingly international environment. Because the majority of the founders had French backgrounds, they chose the proven French educational system as the foundation for LILA’s curriculum.  Since its inception, LILA has continually evolved.  From its very first campus – a small house in Van Nuys with seven students – to four formal campuses with over 900 students.   LILA has earned an esteemed reputation with the placement of graduates in top universities all over the world.

LILA’s new secondary campus is located in the Rancho Equestrian District, perhaps the most famous neighborhood in Burbank due to its equestrian zoning, numerous parks, open space, connections to riding trails in Griffith Park, and proximity to Warner Brothers and Disney Studios. The campus is on Riverside Drive, the Rancho’s main thoroughfare, lined with sycamore and oak trees.  It is quite common to see people on horseback along Riverside Drive’s designated lanes!

Burbank is known as the “Media Capital of the World” located only a few miles northeast of Hollywood, across Griffith Park.  Many media and entertainment companies are headquartered or have significant production facilities in Burbank, including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and Nickelodeon


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2 thoughts on “LILA Then… and Now!

  1. Very well done, Guylaine. You were one the first students at Lycee International de Los Angeles, LILA. We are very proud to be the Co-Founders of our LILA.
    Jacques and Pierrette Gaspart

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