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Interview David Laroche Los Angeles!

[Flashback] Interview David Laroche à Los Angeles  (French Version)

“C’est possible et ça commence maintenant!”

Rencontre avec David Laroche à Los Angeles, prodige de la confiance en soi , 27 ans, plus jeune conférencier, plus de 200 interviews de personnalités, plus de 5 000 000 vues sur YouTube.  “« Un grand et inspirant jeune homme dont la destinée est de changer le monde » selon  Mark Victor Hansen, co-auteur de Bouillon de poulet pour l’âme : 500 millions de livres vendus dans le monde

Lorsque David m’a répondu lui même par téléphone, je ne pouvais plus reculer! “Tu seras fière de toi demain!” m’a-t’il dit ! comme quoi il faut foncer et ne pas s’inquiéter du qu’en dira-t’on.

Une belle leçon de vie pour moi pour surmonter l’une de mes plus grandes peurs: l’oeil critique de la caméra, mais surtout mon oeil critique à moi et la peur du jugement des autres qui fait parfois ressortir le pire.

Cette première interview vidéo eut lieu il y a un petit moment et je garderai  toujours de cette rencontre le plus beau souvenir.  Merci David, Alban, Julie et toute  l’équipe! 🙂

 Découvrez l’univers de David ici.

[Flashback] David Laroche Interview in Los Angeles (US Version)

“It’s Possible and it starts now!”

David Laroche is the youngest international speaker, 27 years old, more than 200 interviews of experts & thought leaders, more than 100 days of training each year, more than 5M views on Youtube. “His maturity is beyond his years. A young man who’s gonna change the planet.” says Les Brown.

When David answered my message personally on the phone and agreed to meet me (!) I couldn’t back down. ” You’ll be proud of yourself tomorrow,” he told me.

It was a big lesson for me to follow through without worrying about what other people would think by facing one of my biggest fear: the critical eye of the camera lens… but more so my own critical eye and the fear of other people’s judgment which often brings out the worst in people.

This first video interview took place a little while ago and it’s one of those meetings I’ll always remember!  Thank you, David, Alban, Julie, and the team ! 🙂

Discover David’s US Website here

Alban sets up the stage for David’s interview in Marina Del Rey, California.  What have I gotten myself into? I can do this, it’s in the can! 





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Who Are the Visionary Founders of Lycée International de Los Angeles (LILA) ?

“In the 1970s, a group of visionaries felt that the Los Angeles community needed a school that would prepare children for life in an increasingly international environment. In 1978, they decided to make their vision a reality and to open a school, using the proven French educational system as the foundation for their school’s curriculum.

It all began in a small house in Van Nuys with seven students. Some of the founders’ children were among these first students and they worked hard, alongside their parents, to prepare for their new school  LYCÉE INTERNATIONAL DE LOS ANGELES ( LILA) which was originally named Collège d’études françaises (CEF) School and later The French American Schools of Southern California before it was named LILA 0r Lycée International de Los Angeles and then International School of Los Angeles.”

The original founders of the International School of Los Angeles are Monique, John Mickus, Pierrette Gaspart and Jacques Gaspart.

The school rebranded and changed its name in 2016 to International School of Los Angeles.

In 1978 Catherine Mickus and Guylaine Gaspart entering their new school Collège d’études françaises (CEF)
1978 CEF – Collège d’études françaises
1978AfterADayOfWork LILA
Relaxing after a hard day of work
1978BreakTime LILA
Taking a break: Pierrette Gaspart (left) with John Mickus, Catherine Mickus, and Christelle Gaspart.
Christelle Gaspart, painting windows
Christelle Gaspart, working on the grounds of the new school
Francis Mickus, working on the entrance of the new school
Guylaine Gaspart, working on the windows
Jacques and Christelle Gaspart at work
John Mickus at work


Mme. Bayet (2nd from left), mother of Monique Mickus, who was on the original LILA Board of Trustees for the school – LILA Class of 1981

1981 – A group of students with Mme. Bayet (2nd from left), mother of Monique Mickus, who was on the original Board of Trustees for the school. She used to quote a saying from Victor Hugo: “ Open schools and you will close prisons.” An educator herself, Mme. Bayet taught French, Latin, and Philosophy when the school first opened in 1978.


LILA co-founder Monique Mickus

LILA co-founder Monique Mickus came from a long line of educators and was one of the first teachers in 1978 when the school opened. Her great-grandfather, French historian and author Alphonse Aulard ( 1849-1928), held the chair of Professor of History of the French Revolution at the Sorbonne, succeeding Michelet. He was also a co-founder of the Ligue des droits de l’homme and was president of the Mission Laïque from 1906-1912. Her grandfather, Albert Bayet ( 1880-1961) was Professor of Sociology at the Sorbonne and at the L’Ecole pratique des hautes etudes. He too was a member of the Ligue des droits de l’homme and was president of the Ligue de l’enseignement from 1949-1959. He was president of the Federation nationale de la presse libre during WWII and president of the Federation nationale de la presse française following the war.


On December 31st1978,  co-founders Pierrette Gaspart and Monique Mickus celebrated the completion of the first term of their new school.

December 31st, 1978, Pierrette Gaspart and Monique Mickus celebrate the first term of their new school.


Pierrette Gaspart and Monique Mickus Co-Founders of LILA

While Monique Mickus may have had a clear vision for the school, nothing put her in a bad mood more than going over the accounts. Co-founder Pierrette Gaspart found a way to put a smile on her face as they went over the dreaded task in this photo taken in 1993. Pierrette Gaspart first opened her business doors in Westwood to host the first classroom in Los Angeles for the school.

Two of the original LILA co-founders, Jacques Gaspart and John Mickus.

MOVE TO VAN NUYS METHODIST CHURCH  in the 1980’s– First formal school buildings. As the school grew out of its original cramped quarters, it was moved briefly to shared grounds with a Methodist church in Van Nuys.

LILA Class of 1987
LILA sharing grounds with Methodist Church Van Nuys
Playing outside at recess
LILA Teaching Team
LILA Class of 1989

1993 – LOS FELIZ CAMPUS –  The first graduation ceremony at the Los Feliz campus took place, led by co-founder Pierrette Gaspart and Elizabeth Chaponot, daughter of co-founders Monique and John Mickus.

Pierrette Gaspart and Elizabeth Chaponot, daughter of co-founders Monique and John Mickus. Los Feliz Graduation 1993

1993 – An outing of students with (from left) co-founder Jacques Gaspart, teacher Sam Donlavy, Woodland Hills campus director Shahin Partiyeli, Los Feliz elementary campus director Giselle Mancheva, and co-founder Pierrette Gaspart.

School Field Trip Outing in 1993
The graduating class of 1995
LILA students at an event celebrating the centennial of Charles de Gaulle / centenaire de Charles de Gaulle, 1990


Co-Founder Jacques Gaspart at LILA 35 – 35th Anniversary

Thank you Ai-lin Grison, LILA Public Relations for this wall display of the “Origins of LILA in 1978 ” during the 35th LILA Anniversary at the Burbank Campus.

Lycée International de Los Angeles –

“History dies without the present.


There is no future without the path made to it by the past.” 

LILA new logo
Lycée International de Los Angeles aka International School of Los Angeles – Present



“Without History, there is no future” Aidan Chambers

Pictures courtesy of personal archives – more to be added as they become available.

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