Macaron Mania in Los Angeles!

Macaron Mania in L.A!

A Macaron is much more than an almond cookie! It is a melt in your mouth sensual experience that comes to us originally from our Italian neighbors. I think it was Catherine de’ Medici who brought them over to France. In Italy, Macarons still exist in the form of amaretti, small almond cookies made from almonds, sugar and egg whites.


Eventually, the Macaron became a meringue Macarons or almond-flavored meringue common in France in the first few decades of the 20th century.


The “Macaron” took on  a Parisian flair as it is known today when an enterprising young baker called Pierre Desfontaines, an employee of the legendary Ladurée Maison in Paris founded in 1862-  bakeshop and tea salon, thought of creating two Macarons with a sweet almond ganache cream filling sandwiched in between.

Ladurée opened its door in Los Angeles in 2016 at The Grove and Beverly Hills!!! 


laduree macarons

These mouth-watering creations replicated all over the world are of course found in Los Angeles. They come in a variety of traditional and more exotic flavors ( lavender, green tea …) with a yummy creamy ganache emulsion nestled in between two light meringue cookies. Here are some other favorite L.A Macarons  so go ahead and sinfully indulge ’cause  one thing’s for sure you won’t be able to have just one!

Other Macarons we tasted in:

Les Macarons Duverger


Les Macarons chez Bouchon Bakery

Macarons Bouchon

Les Macarons chez Lette Bakery
Lette Macarons
Don’t forget les Macarons chez Bogetta Louie (  petite touche franco-italienne!)
Macaron Bottega Louie
 Who can resist strawberry champagne macarons at  Napoleon’s Macarons, in Glendale at AmericanaNapoleon Macarons
Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 9.47.48 AM
Where is your favorite macaron hang-out?  Share it with us so we can add it to the list.

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