French Royal Collection Perfumes by JoAnne Bassett!

 JoAnne Basset is a Natural Couture Perfumer with collections of fragrances created using 100% pure botanical as well as  a full line of organic and vegan body care products to compliment the fragrances. JoAnne Bassett’s Natural Perfumes are “Perfumes That Awaken the Beauty Within™”  with JoAnne’s unique philosophy & purpose  “My purpose is to Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Botanical Fragrances™” All of the perfumes are natural without ANY man-made synthetics.  JoAnne prefers to use wild and organic essences that are alive with healing energy.  The parfums  contain genuine essential oils and absolutes extracted from the plants or cold pressed from the fruits in an organic grape alcohol base.  Each original natural fragrances is created with love and intention and  awaken the beauty within.

Une rose du chateau de Versailles

JoAnne Bassett comes from an old  Royal heritage on both sides of her family. Her father’s family was originally from Paris, France and her mother’s family was from Germany. JoAnne’s French roots and royal blood have been traced back to Charlemagne. “I relate a great deal to all things French. It is in my blood. I love Paris.”

Les jardins du Chateau de Versailles
JoAnne Bassett was born in Southern Minnesota and grew up living a simple farm life. Her family were some of the early comers on the Mayflower and The Fortune. She fondly remembers her early encounter with nature and childhood memories “…old roses, lilacs the size of trees, peony bushes that were always covered with bees, flowering almonds, spiraea bushes, irises, lilies, and on and on. I loved the apple blossoms and mini purple irises as a child.  I remember all the flower smells wafting through the house.  They intertwined with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and baking smells.” Her Mother was a “fragrance queen” and wore  Evening in Paris and Youth Dew. ” I will never forget going into her purse to put on fragrance.  She wore fragrance every day along with lotion and powder which was completely different from other farm women who usually wore fragrance on Sunday and for a special occasion.”
JoAnne says she loves being an Indie Niche Perfumer in America  “I can choose the raw materials I want to work with, and decide how I want to create my fragrances and sell them.  From a young age I appreciated the life force of a rose, and the incredibly beautiful scent of the flowers wafting in the sun.  I choose to create 100% natural perfumes.  Being a healer, artist, alchemist, and artisan perfumer I utilize the plant energy and impart my inner knowing in creating the perfume.  I create Custom Couture Perfumes and enjoy the freedom to use the ingredients that resonate with my clients. That is the benefit of being an American perfumer at this moment of regulation in Europe.”

The French Collection is dedicated to a select few French women who have a certain “air of sophistication”. “These French women love life. Wearing their essence you will capture their French mystique. ” JoAnne actually  at down and created the French Collection of four in one afternoon: Chantelle, Camille, Colette and Contessa. “People have remarked that my perfumes smell like the original French perfumes before all of the synthetic chemicals were used. My formulas are all my own original couture creations. I have a style that some people call French sensibility.” 

The Royal Collection was born of memories from France. “I was in Paris for the very first time and I felt at home, I belonged there. I spent a whole day in museums, I didn’t even eat lunch. I went to Versailles and felt like I’ve lived there before, I walked these alley before, and I recognized the smells coming around… Names just came to me and I created all eight in one night: Josephine, Madame Pompadour, Petit Trianon, Magie d’Or, Napoleon, Malmaison, Marie -Antoinette & Versailles “

JoAnne encourages women and men to wear a scent they love because  fragrance has the power to impact attitude and wellbeing “If wearing rose opens your heart and you feel better, then wear that. Do you want to experience more joy?  Choose fragrances containing citrus oils such as sweet orange, tangerine, mandarin, bergamot, lemon, or grapefruit. For stress and anxiety use lavender oil or fragrances containing true lavender essential oil. Inhale it or apply it to your skin.  Citrus oils like lemon also help with depression.”

                   “Une femme sans parfum est une femme sans avenir.” Coco Chanel

Who hasn’t dreamed of wearing their own custom signature perfume? JoAnne Bassett will be having an exclusive  Make Your Own  Perfume Workshop on Saturday May 12, 2012  in San Diego, California.



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