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Jacqueline Leonne Rosé Sparkling French Inspired,American Made

Nothing, besides rose-colored glasses and the original Edith Piaf song, spells "La Vie en Rose" like Rosé wine, and better yet a Rosé Champagne, or a Sparling Rosé! This particular one, Jacqueline Leonne Rosé Sparkling Wine was a happy surprising find for a holiday toast. Made in the traditional Méthode Champenoise, this sparkling rosé is … Continue reading Jacqueline Leonne Rosé Sparkling French Inspired,American Made

La Fête des Rois – Kings’ Day

All over France, we celebrate La Fête des Rois or Kings' Day which takes place 12 days after Christmas on January 6th or on the first Sunday of the New Year with the sharing of the very much anticipated and delicious Galette des Rois or Kings' Cake! Although in most households the galette is enjoyed on Epiphany day and throughout the month of January. Find out all about this … Continue reading La Fête des Rois – Kings’ Day

Bûche de Noël Recipe

The French Bûche de Noël aka as Yule Log Cake is a traditional cake born in the 19th century shaped as a log when families would burn a yule log or bûche in the fireplace at Christmas time. This layer rolled-up cake looks beautiful and may look intimidating to make but it's not that difficult once you master the rolling out of the sponge cake, you can then … Continue reading Bûche de Noël Recipe

How to make French Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles or Les Truffes au Chocolat are French inventions and delicacies for the holidays. They taste decadent and rich but are really child's play to make. They were created quite by accident in the kitchen of Chef Escoffier when his apprentice made une boulette or a mistake and covered it up with cocoa powder. By the way, the expression faire une boulette literally means to make little … Continue reading How to make French Chocolate Truffles

Stuck Together aka 8 Rue de l’Humanité

Stuck Together (2021) aka in French 8 Rue de l'Humanité sets the stage for the Paris Lockdown during the COVID-19 Pandemic, directed by Dany Boon, written by Laurence Arné and Dany Boon and starring Dany Boon, Liliane Rovère (who also played in Call My Agent & Family Business on Netflix), and Yvan Attal. This is a hysterical, and very human comedy indeed with a good balance of dark humor and feel-good human vibes. reading Stuck Together aka 8 Rue de l’Humanité

A Collection of French Gifts Ideas

Here is a Collection of French Gift Ideas that I enjoyed putting together hoping it will inspire you for the holidays but also at any time throughout the year for that special occasion, birthday celebration, anniversary, or just because! I think you'll find that there's something for everyone and for … Continue reading A Collection of French Gifts Ideas

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Every third Thursday in November we have good reason to celebrate the launch and arrival of a special French wine called as you know Beaujolais Nouveau. It is the first wine of the harvest and we joyfully shout out: "Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!" I have a hunch that this year 2021 will be even more special to pop open … Continue reading Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Childhood French Goodies From LU

Every culture in the world has its own cultural preferences, customs, traditions, celebrations, its own regional food specialties, and goodies. In the U.S people will rave about their childhood Oreo or chocolate chips cookies. In France, we have many regional specialties and goodies which I like to refer to as gourmandises. These little treats are packed with childhood memories and … Continue reading Childhood French Goodies From LU

Salon du Chocolat aka Chocolate Week™ is Back!

In France chocolate is a big thing, we know it's an aphrodisiac and a delicious sensual indulgence but it's also an art form, it's a passion, and it's not only for eating! Since its creation in 1994, every year there is a show called "Salon du Chocolat" celebrating and dedicated to C H O C O L A T E … Continue reading Salon du Chocolat aka Chocolate Week™ is Back!

COLCOA 25 French Film Festival

The 25th COLCOA French Film Festival is a one-week event that takes place November 1-7, 2021. The Festival is back in person to celebrate a silver anniversary and this year is dedicated to late filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier. Save the dates and enjoy a full week of Premieres and Awards at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood! "Contrary to what … Continue reading COLCOA 25 French Film Festival

It’s always time for bubbly! Champagne Day

If you ask me, any day is a good time for bubbly. However, today October 22 is the official National Champagne Day in the US, in France, we celebrate Champagne mostly on New Year's Eve. so I'll toast to that! I also toast to the French savoir-faire for creating such refined exquisite bubbly that can only be produced in the … Continue reading It’s always time for bubbly! Champagne Day

22nd Annual Newport Beach Film Festival French Spotlight

French A L.A Carte Blog is happy to once again be partnering with Newport Beach Film Festival - French Spotlight October 21-28, 2021. The French Spotlight will be held on October 26th from 7:45 -9:50 PM with a special screening of a French Film entitled Love Affair(s) (see trailer and details below) From October 21st – 28th, 2021, the 22nd … Continue reading 22nd Annual Newport Beach Film Festival French Spotlight