French Bohême and Troubadours

2012 Bastille Day Los Angeles  Festival in its 11th year will take place at Kenneth Hahn Park 4100 South La Cienega Blvd, in Los Angeles on Sunday July 15th, 2012 from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Live Entertainment  brought to you by dancer/choreographer Lola Ohlala  of  Cabaret Versatile recipient of the Best Cabaret and Variety Show of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012 presenting:  ‘French Bohême & Troubadours!

 Produced by Pascale Fortunat and Passions Productions.

 ‘French Bohême & Troubadours’ will include many performers such as:

(courtesy reprint )

Jenny Eloise Rieu aka ‘The Lady in Red’ — a French ‘vintage singer’ as she calls herself — who will take attendees on a trip to a different time, a time where elegance and glamour came first;

Momo Casablanca, a former Cirque Du Soleil clown, taught by the legendary Marcel Marceau, who will give Angelenos a ‘French taste’ of his new one-man show including his new act: “Le poids du Monde;”

Yesteryears Dancers, an authentically costumed vintage dance troupe who will re-create court and ballroom dances from the time of Marie Antoinette, Napoleon I, and La Belle Époque and invite spectators to join in. Yesteryears dancers will perform with Les Plaisirs Champêtre, a group playing historical instruments such as vielle à roue (hurdy gurdy), musette de cour (French Baroque court bagpipe), or cornemuse (French Folk bagpipe);

Johan & The Panache Band who will embark on a mythical Old-School R&B Funk voyage of the greatest artists and invite Bastille Day participants along on the journey and on the dance floor!

Evyn Charles, a Soulful, passionate and engaging singer who delivers superb vocals, great guitar playing, and positive music with an extensive repertoire of cover songs and originals in French and English.

J.R. Black, the first performer to translate and sing the songs of Johnny Cash in French. With his full backing band, J.R. Black emulates the traditional Johnny Cash sound, from the simple bass parts to the Luther Perkins boom-chicka-boom leads, yet interprets it with a certain Gallic flair and sensitivity.

Jean-Pierre Tibi whose repertoire covers half a century of French music with songs by Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Charles Aznavour, and many others. For the last 20 years, Jean-Pierre Tibi has been performing around Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. He will sing with his daughter Ariana Tibi who inherited her dad’s great voice;

Nathalie Alice who brings to West Coast ears an eclectic repertoire of French songs and American and Latin classics. The jazz inspired musician covers a wide array of forgotten musical greats and will surprise you with fine arrangements of Latin classics and original song;

Tim James, one of the greatest R&B performer in Los Angeles;

And of course, Cabaret Versatile’s talented dancers;

Masters of Ceremony: Bruno Tuzet and Claire Arnaud Aubour from The French Connection – Radio FR

Produced by Pascale Fortunat/ Passions Productions

Come join in the fun and experience what tens of thousands of people have been enjoying for the past decade, making this annual celebration one of the most well-attended community festivals in Los Angeles.

More Entertainment includes:

•A real Pétanque Tournament under the pine trees
•A Parisian Waiters’ Race
•Street performers
•Comedians, singers, artists
•A Fabulous Raffle
•A Unique French Arts and Crafts Fair
•French food, wines and gastronomic delights

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