L’Agence or the Parisian Agency on Netflix

There’s a new kid on the block in the French Netflix Series! It’s called L’Agence or The Parisian Agency. Season 1 is entitled Exclusive Properties and in the first 5 episodes we meet the Kretz family. Olivier and Sandrine and their four sons, Martin, Valentin, and Louis as well as Raphael the younger teen still in school. This family does everything together, eats, drinks, breathes and most important works together in the luxury real estate market from their Paris home in Boulogne-Billancourt. Welcome to the KRETZ Family Real Estate business.

From humble beginnings, Sandrine was a school teacher and wanted “to work on something with her husband” then the 3 oldest sons joined them. In the series, she seems to be the backbone and heart and soul of the Kretz family business in the home and on the field with a totally unassuming yet classy French style. She sums it up well by saying, “We work in the luxury industry, but the real luxury is to work with family”. Unlike some other US counterparts namely, Selling Sunset in the real estate world, L’Agence doesn’t have tacky superficial characters and drama although it’s a very elitist high-end field the Kretz represents a real business working together and catering with class and finesse to their wealthy clients who have no limits. It’s the world of real estate as never seen before with French style and flair.

Photo Kretz Parisian Agency

This family is genuinely likable and seems quite down to earth although they mingle and represent high-end clients with millionaire budgets.The family dynamics and the relationships are at the heart of their business activity and they even share the profits. Extremely tight, I feel it probably is a bit suffocating for some members of the family. On a positive note, this series shows the real side of French style business while still enjoying life and each other. Another endearing character is Majo the 80 some year old grandma who comes to visit every day. She is the wise confidante and brings some lightheartedness and a bit of humor to the daily business life as her grandsons try to hook her up on dating sites.

Photo The Parisian Agency

Throughout the episodes, we are privy to some of the most exquisite, extravagant, and unique apartments, homes, and chateau listings in Paris with the infallible view of the Eiffel Tower right in the backyard as well as more exotic destinations such as Ibiza Spain searching for the perfect luxurious mansion, a visit to the chateau with a most eccentric owner, a client’s boat ride on the Seine in stilettos, a luxury Lingerie Fashion show in the apartment, etc… intertwined with real- life events such as Martin’s wedding, the mix-up at Ibiza, Majo’s new love interest, and the dad’s 60th surprise birthday party as well as an unexpected turn of events that could put a hamper on the family business… surely this would make a good episode to kick off the next season?

Watch the trailer and Season 1 episodes on Netflix: L’Agence or The Parisian Agency.

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