Main Street Bakery

This French Bakery  is oneof my favorites and it is called Main Street Bakery & Chez Fabien Bistro. It is located in Grapevine, Texas also known as the Christmas Capital on historic Main Street. During the holidays Main Street is especially festive as people come from all over to enjoy the Christmas spirit, holiday lights, and activities at Santa’s village.  Main Street is lined with original artisanal shops, American, French and Italian restaurants, and local winery tasting bars. This French bakery also offers a bistro experience called Chez Fabien.

I was referred to the area by a lovely Italian lady I met while getting my highlights done at Audra Ballard Hair Salon up the street on Main Street in Grapevine a few days before my birthday. So for the occasion, my daughter and I took a festive stroll there and walked into Main Street Bakery to pick up a French birthday holiday cake. I had taken a peek at the website beforehand and I knew it was too late to order, but I had my eye on this fabulous looking cake called ” La Bombe” filled with chocolate ganache and almond paste and took a chance.

As we walked in rather late in the afternoon I quickly glanced in the display to no avail until I asked the young lady who said she would go check in the back. Lo and behold she came back a few seconds later with a big white box containing that same cake I had drooled over online! The Bomb! My birthday cake patiently waiting for me 🙂 A blessing!

La Bombe au Chocolat

Of course, my daughter wanted to take home some mini strawberry tarts and the gracious young lady added a “Mini Chocolate Bomb” cake to our take-home box as a gift 🙂

The verdict:  this cake was succulent, delicate, light and so very festive and it also acted as the bûche for Christmas as it was much bigger than it looked. This cake was truly the bomb! Thank you! Merci!

On another occasion we tried the chocolate Opera cake for Sam’s birthday and it was as delicious as pretty looking.

Highly recommend you visit this bakery and my next stop  will be the bistro next door Chez Fabien! as well as Executive Chef Fabien Goury’s  Piaf kitchen & bar  located up the street

Bon appétit! Merci Fabien 🙂

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