For all Carambar Lovers in Los Angeles!

For all Carambar Lovers in Los Angeles!


Where can Carambars be found in Los Angeles? They are found all over on AMAZON ! Try French Touch and La Pie Qui Chante – they carry the huge box of 200 Carambars to last you a while… for a great price. You can also order some or pick some up locally from AAA Food Source in Van Nuys. They carry many wonderful French gourmet and classic foods and candy! Also try Le Panier Francais or Euro Food  Depot online!

Crambars bag

TIP: Remember to stuff your suitcases with bags of Carambars on your next trip to France so you don’t run out!

A little background history: “In 1954, Mr Fauchille, director of the Delespaul-Havez company, and Mr. Galois an employee had a surplus of cocoa and decided to create a new, original recipe to use it up. The legend says that one of the machines in the factory was malfunctioning, making the long bars that still exists today. This sweet, in the form of a bar was christened Caram’bar.” (Wikipedia) –

Today , Carambars  come in a variety of flavors from strawberry to tropical coconut,  but my taste buds are faithful to the original gooey caramel!


Carambar boxAnd while we’re talking about Carambars, what’s your favorite Carambar blague?

Check out Carambar fun Facebook  Page or the official Carambar website.

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