Jambon-Beurre Iconic French Sandwich

The Jambon-Beurre aka Le Parisien or Paris Beurre sandwich is a French iconic sandwich that has been around since the 19th century born in the Halles of Paris during the workers’ lunch break. What more simpler than half a baguette smothered with butter and a few slices of deli ham! This is a classic and there’s nothing better than a fresh baguette with semi-salted butter and Paris ham! This ham-butter combo is so simple yet so decadently delicious. It is still the French got-to lunch sandwich that can be eaten on the go in every corner café.

The baguette I prefer is traditional crispy and not too much dough, an almost rustic type of bread. The butter really makes the sandwich pop and of course so does the ham so they both must be very high quality. The Jambon de Paris or Paris ham sliced right off the bone is high quality ham slowly steamed- cooked in its own juice and seasoned with salt.

Now that’s a sandwich or shall I say casse-croûte! By the way here’s an old French expression. Do you know what casser la croûte means? It means grabbing a bite to eat and literally to” break some crumbs”.

Check out my other favorite classics such as the Croque-Monsieur and Croque-Madame sandwiches. I also just love the saucisson-beurre baguette filled with saucisson and butter, the pâté-cornichon which is pâté de Campagne with cornichons and a little mustard, or the Camembert with a glass of bon rouge!

C’est l’heure de casser la croûte, un jambon-beurre SVP!

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