Who Makes the Best Baguette in L.A ?

Who Makes the Best Baguette in L.A ?

The French take their breads and baguette especially very seriously, it is not just bread especially outside of French local ingredients (although it contains very basic ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast, and common salt) it is a cultural art to make the “perfect ” baguette! (read history of the Baguette) It is also the ultimate comfort and staple  food for the expatriated Frenchies along with the wine and cheese, baked goods and other French specialties goodies etc…  that they cannot live without.

We are fortunate to have so many options and great French chefs here in LA …

The search for the ” Best baguette in L.A” organized by French Morning narrowed down to the following nine (9) competing finalists:

François Hiegel of Bouchon,  Amar Chibane of Boulangerie de Paris, Ran Zimon ofBread Lounge, Zack Hall of Clark Street Bread, Pascal Marin of Figaro Café in Los Feliz, Jean-Luc Labat of Frogs Organic Bakery, Nathan Dakdouk Larder Baking Co, Frederic Soulies of Pitchoun Bakery and Tony Salazar of Porto’s Bakery.

The jury’s deliberations and  of course tasting all the baguettes and breads  was comprised of :

Christoph Bader, Pastry Chef and owner of Florentino, Christophe Bonnegrace, Executive Chef of Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood, LA, Daniel Durfort, Executive Chef of Azusa Pacific University CEC, Thomas Henzi, Pastry Chef of the Beverly Hilton Hotel and Stéphane Treand, Executive Chef Consultant of Occitanial (Tokyo) and founder of The Pastry School at Costa Mesa, CA and Brett Robbins, Sous-Chef at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

In my opinion, the competitors are all different winners but the favorite for the search  for Best Baguette in L.A 2016  is…. (drumroll)  PITCHOUN BAKERY in Downtown Los Angeles !  Pitchoun Bakery

See also our list of the Best French Bakeries  by our French A L.A Carte readers ! Which is your favorite baguette ? Feel free to comment below.

” A day without baguette is a day without …” 





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