La Madeleine Bakery Café

These pictures were taken at La Madeleine Bakery & Café a French bakery franchise in Texas and other states in the USA. It all started in 1976 when Louis le Duff opened Brioche Dorée in Brest, a city in Brittany in northwestern France.

Then in 1983, the first la Madeleine location opened in the heart of Dallas, Texas on Mockingbird lane across from Southern Methodist University.  

Today there are now over 80 la Madeleine locations, each with their own individual French charm.

I’ve visited a few Madeleine locations in DFW area and each experience has been different. Honestly, some dine in experiences were more positive than others. Overall, I’ve noticed that the menu of course is Americanized and that they try to offer some French staples like “Croque Monsieur” and “Quiche” which are quite tasty.

I do find the plates lack a little excitement in  the presentation and the coffee especially the “Americano” double espresso is very weak and leaves much to be desired. However, the seasonal  French pastry  like the “bûche” is good  and so is the mille- feuille,  but the heart shaped cheesecake and coconut cream cakes although very pretty and delicious are not quite French.

What I enjoy the most at La Madeleine is the French rustic decor  with  the French music playing in the background while nibbling on a  pastry or dunking a croissant.

Bon appétit!

La Madeleine pastries

La Madeleine croissants
La Madeleine
La Madeleine mini quiches
La Madeleine Valentine Cheesecake

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