The Quintessential French Cheese Tray

The quintessential French cheese platter or the "Plateau de Fromage" is a staple at every French meal. With over 400 cheeses made in France in every region, we could easily eat a different cheese every day of the year. Traditionally, there are between 350 to 450 distinct types of French cheese grouped into eight categories, "Les Huit … Continue reading The Quintessential French Cheese Tray

Bonjour, un café, S’il Vous Plait!

"Bonjour, un café, s'il vous plaît!" Growing up in France, good manners, politeness, and étiquette is a way of life or savoir-vivre dating back to the noblesse and bourgeoisie. In terms of politeness at home and especially in public, little magic polite words like thank you merci, and please or if you please, s'il vous … Continue reading Bonjour, un café, S’il Vous Plait!

Do you play Pétanque?

For the French in me, nothing spells summer or vive l'été, aside from the fragrance of my Tahitian Monoi, than the provincial flavors of Pissaladière with a side of Salade Nicoise and to top is off a Sorbet Cassis all this while enjoying a game of Pétanque even as a spectator sipping on a Ricard … Continue reading Do you play Pétanque?

French Inspired Gift Guide For All

We celebrate the indomitable French spirit with a sampling compilation of French-Inspired Gift Ideas from French A L.A Carte Blog that you can easily find online for your family, friends, and/or favorite Francophile. You'll find a variety of ideas for every taste to bring France a little closer to your heart and feel a little … Continue reading French Inspired Gift Guide For All

L’apéro French Style

L'apéro short for l'apéritif is the French classy American Happy Hour. Where does the word apéritif come from ? It comes from the Latin "aperire" which means to open and in that sense to stimulate your appetite before a meal or ouvrir l'appétit. "Prendre l'apéro" is a French ritual of getting together with friends or family … Continue reading L’apéro French Style

Hello World! Bonjour !

Flashback April 29, 2011 - Hello World!  Bonjour Tout le Monde! Today I am officially a "blogger" or une "blogueuse"  Today is a BIG day!  C'est un grand  jour ! for many reasons, after many, many months of pondering what the heck I would be writing about in a blog, it dawned on me that it's is a wonderful vehicle … Continue reading Hello World! Bonjour !