Coco Chanel Perfumes

With so many wonderful French perfume classics to choose from such perfume houses as Chanel, Givenchy (from my hometown), YSL, Thierry Mugler, Guerlain , Christian Dior, Jean Patou or the newer ones like Annick Goutal and Dyptique, it’s going to be a challenge to pick just a few. Although I love flowers, I prefer a scent that is not too floral and with more spice so for now, … Continue reading Coco Chanel Perfumes

Classic French Men’s Perfumes

Classic French Perfumes share that exquisite timeless essence and refinement magically captured in a bottle by the expert noses of the prestigious French House of Perfumes. What makes a perfume a great perfume is the subtle alchemy of scents intuitively intertwining top, heart, and base notes to birth exquisite, powerful, provocative, and always magnificent masterpieces. While most of the men’s fragrances are Eau de Toilette … Continue reading Classic French Men’s Perfumes

Lily of the Valley – Muguet des Bois Intoxicating Fragrance

May 1st in France is called La Fête du Muguet and every year rain or shine, we celebrate le 1er Mai with some Muguet des Bois or Lily of the Valley. It’s a wonderful day that rhymes with happiness, hope, renewal, and good fortune. It is still very popular in weddings ever since Princess Grace of Monaco chose this flower for her bridal bouquet and … Continue reading Lily of the Valley – Muguet des Bois Intoxicating Fragrance

French Inspired Gift Guide For All

We celebrate the indomitable French spirit with a sampling compilation of French-Inspired Gift Ideas from French A L.A Carte Blog that you can easily find online for your family, friends, and/or favorite Francophile. You’ll find a variety of ideas for every taste to bring France a little closer to your heart and feel a little bit more French from Made in France items featuring traditional … Continue reading French Inspired Gift Guide For All

Vive le Muguet! Return of Happiness

May 1st is   “La Fête du Muguet“ a celebration that dates back to the Renaissance.  According to the language of flowers Lily of the Valley or Muguet signifies “The return of happiness!”  Share the joy and bring happiness and good fortune by offering a sprig of muguet to your friends, family, and colleagues! Lily of the Valley is also an exquisite fragrance and widely used … Continue reading Vive le Muguet! Return of Happiness

10 Classic French Perfumes

There are so many delicious perfumes but for this list’s sake, I selected 10 Classic French Perfumes. Perfume or Parfums and Eau de Parfum is a luxurious necessity that has the power to uplift, inspire, comfort, arouse, captivate, intoxicate and seduce.  It makes me feel good and I miss it terribly when I am out. I’d rather just wear an essential authentic oil than a cheap … Continue reading 10 Classic French Perfumes