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Un petit jaune?

Ricard® Pastis, France’s most popular and beloved spirit, presents its exclusive Bastille Day Gift Box including a 750ml bottle of Ricard, collection glassware, a pourer, and a new cocktail recipe.

Since 1932 Ricard® Pastis has left its mark on the everyday life of consumers through service objects that have become central to the ritual of consumption. Pitchers, glasses, jugs… have stood by generations of consumers during aperitif time, both in bars and cafés.

The exclusive vintage wood box will allow consumers to connect with their memories, by enjoying a refreshing Ricard® Pastis on the authentic balloon glass, the true star of the sun-drenched cafés of Marseille, south of France.

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French Culture & Lifestyle in the USA 

L’ apéro French Style: Mimosas & Kir Royale!

L’apéro short for l’apéritif is the French classy U.S Happy Hour in between the end of work day and dinner, or during my favorite brunch on the weekends, the perfect time to enjoy a cocktail or “prendre l’apéro”  and enjoy! 

Kir royale

My favorite French cocktail or apéro is:  Kir Royal!  Kir is a delicious  mix of white wine such as a Bourgone Aligoté ( or any nice white wine you prefer) and blackcurrant liqueur or crème de cassis. Replace white wine with a festive bubbly mix of ice-chilled champagne and a dash of crème de cassis and voilà enjoy Kir Royal! ( garnish with a lemon twist, optional.)

However, my ultimate favorite fun cocktail , especially on the weekend is the ever bubbly Mimosa! A simple blend of champagne bubbly and fresh orange juice  or grapefruit juice ever-flowing during California Champagne Brunch… or anytime!


 Enjoy Life! Celebrate! and A la votre! Cheers!